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Men In Pink Tights

Story: Redcliffe Guide
Oct 29, 2018
Men in Pink Tights
Thrilling pirouettes, brilliant and Innovative choreography, lavish costumes and - side-splitting laughter. You’re guaranteed all of this at a performance of Victor Trevino’s hit show Men in Pink Tights.

This is a show designed for male, female, young and old. This production is the ultimate send up of both classical and contemporary ballet, with the twist that all the roles are danced by men. A combination of brilliant dancing technique, tongue in cheek and blatant humour, with intentional foibles, dancing mishaps and, of course, hissy fits make for great entertainment.

Les Ballets Eloelle’s Men in Pink Tights boasts over fifty classical ballets in its repertoire and twenty of the best international male ballet dancers from 13 countries. These handsome and beautiful soloists have performed with the following renowned ballet companies —Houston Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, Ballet Alberta of Canada, Scapino Ballet, Martha Graham Dance Company, New York City Ballet, Metropolitan Opera Ballet and Le Jeune Ballet de France, to name a few.

The programme will include the company’s signature work with the cast bringing their own brand of humour to the roles — featuring duets from both classical and neo-classical origins. It showcases a combination of pyrotechnics and comedy, while adhering to the spirit of the originals. They include Spartacus, Romeo and Juliet, Le Corsaire and The Dying Swan.

Redcliffe Cultural Centre

6 & 7 November from 7.30pm


About Les Ballets Eloelle

Les Ballets Eloelle is one of the few all male comedy ballet companies in the world. Its mission is to create, to present, to preserve and to extend comedic repertoire of classical and contemporary dancing, through performances of the highest quality, presented to the widest possible audience.