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Scuba School!

Story: Redcliffe Guide
Sep 25, 2018
Scuba School!
Are your kids ready for an experience that’s more than just swimming? Reignite their love of the water by enrolling them in a PADI Bubblemaker experience for beginner scuba divers!

Melanie Meatheringham, the owner and instructor of Aquaventures, began offering the course as a way to harness kids’ adventurous energy and give them a taste of a sport they could enjoy for the rest of their lives.

“I wanted to get more kids into scuba diving,” Melanie said.

“It is such a great sport and great for building confidence.

“It opens up a whole world of adventure and I really believe it’s a great hobby for kids to be involved in.”

The try-dive experiences run for approximately one hour. This gives kids an opportunity to learn all about the equipment that scuba divers use, as well as experience what it’s like to breathe and swim underwater.

“[The experience is] pool-based and gives kids the opportunity to learn the skills a scuba diver would learn and also have lots of fun and play games underwater,” Melanie said.

Children aged 8 and over can discover what it’s like to take their first breath underwater and be weightless like an astronaut.

The many benefits of scuba diving are well-documented, such as the obvious benefits to physical health and mental wellbeing, but children in particular can develop a lifelong passion for marine conservation and become real champions for how best to preserve our beautiful waterways.

Melanie outlined the traits of the children who generally get the most out of the experience.

“Kids with a sense of adventure, looking to take part in a non-competitive sport and those with a love of the ocean,” Melanie said.

The Bubblemaker sessions will be held at Dolphins Health Precinct in October. In addition to this course, Aquaventures offer a range of different sessions and courses for children, adults and even families.

“We offer snorkel and scuba diving session for kids, and can also do family and adult programs on request,” Melanie said.

“During the Seal Team [course] we have two hour long session every day for five days.

“Each day we learn new underwater skills and have lots of fun and games.”

With tickets selling out in minutes the last time the course was offered, you had better act quickly to snap up a space at this popular activity!

What: PADI Bubblemaker Experience

Where: Dolphins Health Precinct

When: Sunday, 21st October, 11am

Who: Children 8yrs+

Cost: $99