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The Sky’s The Limit!

Story: Redcliffe Guide
Sep 05, 2018
The Sky’s THE LIMIT!
If you are planning a day out on Sunday  September 9, why not aim high? Make a visit to the Redcliffe Aero Club’s 2018 Open Day for some high-flying fun!

Club CEO Stephen White expects a good turnout. “The event has been running for six years now, and last year was one of the biggest,” Stephen says. “It’s a day when we open our facilities to the general public and to people who may be interested in learning to fly.”

Vintage aircraft and cars will be on display, a free jumping castle for the kids, and a display from the ‘212’ (City of Redcliffe) Squadron Air Cadets. Joy flights in the club’s Cessna 172’s and adventure flights will be available for those wishing to take to the sky! The adventure flights will be on-board a vintage Tiger Moth and a T34 Mentor, which is a military training type aircraft.

Stephen is also one of the club’s instructors, and says that the event provides a closer look at the aircraft for anyone considering flying lessons. “We’ve got instructors on hand to answer questions and tell people more about the aircraft, what it takes to fly them, and to give them the opportunity to arrange a trial instructional flight.”

Potential pilots come in all ages and for various reasons. “We get a cross-section; from people in high school to people in their sixties, and everything in between,” Stephen says.

“ You can start training at pretty much any age, but you can’t go solo until you’re 15. You can get recreational license at 16, a private pilots license at 17, and a commercial license at 18.”

“Many people are attracted to flying simply for the views; for some it provides a means to get to their favourite fishing spot and for others it’s a way to have great family holidays flying around Australia,” Stephen tells us. “Then there are those who want to go down the path of commercial flying; this is a good place to start.”

The open Day will offer a BBQ, an ice-cream van and a coffee van onsite, but the day’s highlight must be getting up in the air! If a joy-flight or an adventure flight sounds like fun, make sure to book ahead as flights and places will be limited.

Redcliffe Aero Club, 1 Wirraway Drive, Kippa-Ring. Call the club on ph. 3203 1777 to book some airtime!