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New Local Music Venue

Story: Redcliffe Guide
Jul 28, 2018
NEW Local Music Venue
As you walk down the stairs and enter Redcliffe’s newest venue, you’re transported
to a different world.

The vibe is laid back, comfortable and all about the music. Joe’s Underground is a complete sensory experience for music lovers and those who want a fun night out packed with entertainment.

Joseph Janek, the namesake of the venue, has been a musician for over 30 years. When Joe and his partner Darna Ellis came across the space, which was once used as storage for Woolworths and Coles, they couldn’t believe their luck.

Joe and his muso friends have never had a place to play live sets in Redcliffe. So, along with Joe’s longtime friend Lester, the trio banded together to create a unique venue.

“ We have provided a
place for great entertainment, live music and local bands. Anyone can get up and sing. You don’t have to be a musician. You can use your phone, we can have the band back you up, and you can bring your spoons if you want. Just get caught up in the music and have a great time. ”

Lester says he loves the crowd they are drawing in, “We’re attracting a crowd of over 30’s that just want to have a great time. They’re friendly, they enjoy their night and they’re respectful.”

Once the bar is fully licensed (hopefully by the end of August), they will be open four nights a week. Thursday’s will host an open mic night, Friday and Saturday nights will have three bands performing live music from a variety of genres, and Sunday night will be dedicated to Jazz and Blues. For now, the bar is open every Saturday night from 7pm-12pm.

The venue will be equipped with a green room for the big name acts (Deisel, INXS and more to be confirmed), which they plan to have once a month, a recording studio,  and will be packed with all the instruments and audio equipment any band needs to perform. The stage and audio are what you would expect at a large music venue, yet the club maintains its humble surroundings to ensure an intimate setting.

For more information, look for ‘Joe’s Underground’ on Facebook.

143 Redcliffe Parade, Redcliffe