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Winter Wellness At Woody Point

Story: Redcliffe Guide
Jul 28, 2018
Winter Wellness at Woody Point
A wide range of local talent and community organisations have joined together to bring a unique event to Woody Point this month.

The Woody Point Wellness Day will be a showcase of wellness professionals which will allow members of the community to explore many aspects of their own physical, mental, nutritional, emotional and spiritual health.

Organiser of the event and owner and founder of Clontarf organisation Speak Teen!, Davina Donovan is passionate about bringing the event to the area. Her extensive experience as a registered psychologist and respected parent educator brings a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of wellness.

“I have a passion for holistic health and saw an opportunity to bring a wide range of health professionals together,” Davina said.

“The meaning of the word community is bringing people together. Without events like this, there is no community.

“In addition, health and wellness is vital for life — being able to attend an event like this will hopefully open community members to health

and wellness options they had never thought of before.”

In attendance will be a wide range of health and wellness professionals — something for everyone. The line-up will include psychologists, dietitians, yoga teachers, life coaches... to name just a few!

Davina is excited about connecting with local residents at the event and has plans to make it a regular occurrence in the future.

“A connected community is a safer and happier community. I want to get to know the community better and build a trusted relationship.

“I hope we can make it an annual event and bring more and more community members and organisations together. I hope that everyone who attends takes at least one useful item or tip away to improve their health and wellbeing!” Davina said.

The free event will have something for everyone in the family, also boasting food trucks, craft stalls, gifts, prizes and games.

Woody Point Wellness Day
Bicentennial Park, Woody Point
Saturday, 18th August 8.30am-1pm
Cost is Free
Email for Info: