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A Whale Of A Time

Story: Redcliffe Guide
Apr 25, 2018
A Whale of a Time
A special evening will take place under the stars this month with the annual Welcome to the Whales event, where locals and visitors can welcome and celebrate the first whales of the season to Moreton Bay.

The unique event kicks off at 3pm at Scarborough Beach Park, running through to the evening where a moving candlelit whale wishes ceremony will take place. 

Moreton Bay Region Industry and Tourism CEO Shane Newcombe says he can’t wait to welcome the whales to the region in style.

“There are lots of exciting elements coming together, and it’s shaping up to be a fantastic event,” he says.

“We have been working with local organisations such as Brisbane Whale Watching and Australian Coastal and Marine Ecology, and the feedback so far has been extremely positive.

“Each year, over 18,000 whales migrate through the Moreton Bay waters travelling north to feed and breed in the warmer subtropical waters, so it is important to mark the start of the whale-watching season and welcome these beautiful and intelligent beings.

“We are incredibly lucky that these majestic animals pass through our waters and we want to not only highlight this as part of a tourism drive but also promote a wider sustainability message to locals and visitors alike to consider our impact on the environment.”

Now in its second year, the family-friendly event has something for all ages including the Ecological Ocean Zone and the Science Festival with free activities and workshops.

Mr Newcombe says parents can enjoy the live music, have a bite to eat or listen to informative marine talks on the main stage, while everyone will enjoy the movie at the end of the night.

“The highlight of the evening, however, is the whale wishes ceremony, a very touching moment where everyone from young children to grandparents can get involved,” he says.

“Visitors can place a candle on the gorgeous sand sculpture to wish a safe passage to all the whales entering the Moreton Bay waters this season.”

For more information on the event, see

Welcome to the Whales
27 May, 3pm – 8pm
Scarborough Beach Park, Scarborough