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Dining In The Dark: A Soiree For The Senses

Story: Redcliffe Guide
Apr 25, 2018
Dining In the Dark: A Soiree For The Senses
Do we really eat with our eyes, as the cooking shows claim? Sure, if your dinner looks delicious then you will probably be more inclined to believe it tastes delicious, but how would dinner taste if you simply couldn’t see it?

The concept of ‘Dining in the Dark’ became popular in Europe in the 1990’s, before spreading to America and other parts of the world. It provides opportunities for participants to glimpse an understanding of the experience of vision-impaired people and the day-to-day challenges that they may face.

Joe Seychell is involved in organising just such an event at the Scarborough Masonic Centre on 26th May, with all of the proceeds donated to Guide Dogs Queensland. “For me, it began last year when I was invited to Dining in the Dark,” Joe tells us. “There were couples and families with kids we all wore a blindfold for the whole evening; it was really about the experience of eating a great meal and understanding a bit about how a blind person feels.”

When one of our senses is inhibited, it is usual that the others may become more attuned to their environment. “People listen more, and they talk more, and the experience of tastes and smells is amazing,” Joe said. “We’re trying to get lots of people along to raise money for the Guide Dogs, but the experience itself is something that is quite unique.”

The charity fundraising event is put on by the Freemasons, open to everyone, and will be professionally catered. There will also be trainee Guide Dogs in attendance on the night, and representatives from Guide Dogs Queensland to talk to attendees about the purpose, meaning and benefits of the experience of Dining In The Dark.

“ It’s a great dining event for families, too,” Joe says. “There are no screens or phones taking photos or calls; we all just sit down and enjoy the meal with each other, and then get to play with puppies afterwards!

“We had such a good turnout last year, and this year already we’ve had lots more interest. It’s a simple idea, and people are curious about it, plus it’s for such a good cause. I guess that’s why it works!”

Be quick, because this event will sell out quickly!

Contact Chris Brown on 0423 783 340 to book your place at this sensory soiree!