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We Love An Easter Fair!

Story: Redcliffe Guide
Mar 27, 2018
We Love an Easter Fair!
The joy to be found in the fun of a fair has spanned generations; many of our grandparents experienced it and our children still do! During these Easter holidays, residents of Redcliffe and Sandgate can get a taste of this timeless tradition (and maybe a Dagwood Dog too) at the Pelican Park Easter Fair!

Tony Marcovich was born into the business; his father started Coney Fair in 1953, and it’s been a big part of his life ever since.  In years gone by, Tony’s taken the fair up and down the east coast of Australia; these days most of his events are around the Gold Coast and South East Queensland.

“We used to go from Melbourne to Cairns but we’ve scaled back the travel these days, now we mainly run around this part of the world,” he says.

Tony tells us that the Pelican Park Easter Fair will have something for kids of all ages, and grown-ups too!

“We’ll have market stalls, and people always love them. There’ll be rides including The Round Up, The Rock ‘n Roll, The Dodgem Cars, The Swinger; then we also have the ones that kids always love; The Slides and The Tea Cups, Water Balls and The Inflatables. It will be amazing.”

It’s hard to believe that Tony has been around the fair for his whole life — he’s seventy years old now — and he still has the passion.

Pelican Park, on the water at Clontarf, is the perfect venue for a fair, and Tony is hoping for a fine spell during the eight days between Good Friday and the 7th April while they are there.

“We pray for fine weather, but we take it as it comes,” Tony said. “We just aim for a successful event for everyone who comes to join in. It’s something different for a lot of kids today; they don’t get to have this sort of experience too often.”

n The Easter Fair will be open from noon all over Easter Weekend, and from 6pm the following week, so come on down and join in the fun! See detailed hours on the page opposite.