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Learn How To Make Grate Cheese

Story: Redcliffe Guide
Mar 27, 2018
Learn How To make grate cheese
Are you a fromage fanatic? Do you consider yourself a bit of a cheese connoisseur? Malt ‘N’ Bay Brewing Supplies and Soul Harvest Wholefoods have teamed up to host a delicious beginner’s Italian cheesemaking workshop in Margate on Wednesday 18th April from 6 to 8pm. 

Co-owner of Malt ‘N’ Bay Brewing Supplies, Hannah Ritchie said the demand for the course came directly from their customers.

“We sell cheese making kits and had been asked if we conduct classes — this is the first in Margate.

“Soul Harvest [has] a suitable venue in Baynes Street for workshops and they had asked if the community had suggestions for topics, thus the class booking.”

During the workshop, participants will learn the basics of cheesemaking, from the type of milk to use to how to age a fine cheddar.

Attendees will receive valuable knowledge and information about cheesemaking, taste freshly-made mozzarella and warm ricotta cheese, and take home a Mad Millie Italian Cheese kit to continue the fun at home.

The kit is designed to be used in any kitchen and contains all the equipment and ingredients required to make over ten batches of cheese. The kit will make ricotta, mozzarella, mascarpone, burrata, bocconcini and ricotta salata cheeses.

The workshop will be conducted by Sasha McLean, the Australian Mad Millie Sales Manager and Educator.

While the cheese workshop is currently a one-off, Hannah mentioned that more classes could be held in the near future.

“If there is interest, we can repeat this session or move to the next class for more advanced cheesemakers.”

Registrations close on Monday 9th April so get in early to secure your spot!

Date: Wednesday 18th April 6-8pm
Venue: Soul Harvest Wholefoods,
1/26 Baynes Street, Margate
Cost: $44 per person
Register: Malt ‘N’ Bay Brewing Supplies - 3283 6844