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Local Talents Hit The Airwaves

Story: Redcliffe Guide
Feb 28, 2018
Local Talents Hit The Airwaves
Peninsula radio station 99.7 Bridge FM is living up to its name in a big way. The popular bayside community station is connecting its listeners with a bevy of new presenters and volunteer staff who have taken over the airwaves.

And it’s that connection to the community that presenter Rosie France says is a vital service that 99.7 Bridge FM provides.

“The things I love the most are our two biggest strengths: our wonderful catalogue of fabulous classic rock music, and that we are all about connecting community,” Rosie says.

“The other thing I love is that this station is run by the most wonderful bunch of volunteers you would ever meet. We all come from very different backgrounds, with all types of life experiences, but somehow we have all made our way to this station.

“And it’s also not just about being on-air. The station simply could not run without the rest of the crew.”

One of those crew members is volunteer station manager Tahlia, who says being a part of the volunteer teams that help run the station has been a life-changing experience.

“One day as I crossed the bridge to go to work I had an epiphany and decided I’d had enough of the corporate world, then turned around to head back home,” she says.

“That day I also heard an advertisement for volunteers for 99.7 Bridge FM.

“I couldn’t help but head straight over to the station and sign up as a volunteer. I now work at the station three days a week.

“I’ve been there for nine wonderful months now and have recently started announcing every Tuesday from noon until 3pm. It’s lots of fun!”

Rosie says the station is fuelled by the community and its volunteers, and that connection is what we all need more of. “Our station keeps people connected,” she says.

“We churn out some great music, and we are supported by local businesses, and provide an avenue to connect people with what’s local.

“We need to connect with each other, to have conversations about the places we love.”

To find out more about volunteering at the station, visit