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Dynamic Double Act

Story: Redcliffe Guide
Feb 28, 2018
Dynamic Double Act
Josh Crawford and Ellie Carsburg are two names to listen out for.

Moreton Bay’s own acoustic pop duo may only be 13 years old, but they are already taking the north Brisbane music scene by storm.

Josh n Ellie decided to combine their talents after performing together at the Red Music Centre showcase a year ago and they both clicked.

Josh’s incredible guitar skills and Ellie’s amazing vocal range are both complemented by their ability to harmonise and add a twist to any cover song.

Josh is in Year 9 at St Paul’s School, and has been playing the drums since he was four years old, guitar since he was eight, and started singing lessons at nine.  He plays percussion and drums in three school bands and started writing his own music and performing at 11.

Ellie is in Year 8 at Grace Lutheran College and has been singing ever since she could talk.  Ellie has been having singing lessons for the last four years and started performing when she was just 10. Ellie is also in an all-girl rockabilly vocal group called the Red Rockettes.

Since forming, the duo has been busy entertaining crowds at many events and venues across Brisbane including Picnic Hill, Redcliffe Kitefest, Sutton's Beach Pavilion, the Generate Festival, Southbank Beer Garden and many more. 

Ellie says she loves to sing because it offers her the perfect way to express herself.

“I love it because I love seeing our ideas come to life, especially with our original songs,” Ellie says.

The pair is also working hard on their own music and currently have one of their original songs called Shiver listed on Triple J Unearthed.

Look out for them when they perform at the upcoming Melanoma March at Riverstage on March 25 and Rockin 4 the Homeless at Dolphins Leagues Club, Redcliffe on April 28.

“You are not only doing it for yourself, you're doing it for the people who need help. It really gives you a rewarding feeling after you play that last set of songs.” Josh says. 

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