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Uniting Church To Get New Hub

Story: Redcliffe Guide
Feb 28, 2018
An exciting community initiative is underway in the heart of the Redcliffe Peninsular.  A vision to create a community services hub is coming to life as Redcliffe Uniting Church pursues a long-held dream to house like-minded service groups to assist others.

Vacant land next to the church on Richens Street, Redcliffe is now the subject of a feasibility study to see if the idea will work. One part of this is finding local partners to offer services and ensuring the broader Redcliffe neighbourhood is kept informed about the exciting development.

Leader of the Church Council, Mark Millard said, “We want to find out how our place amongst our neighbours should look. What will connect us in a vibrant, well-designed community hub to transform the lives of many people and families in the future?

“It’s a very exciting project to create a welcoming, accessible environment for clients and a space from which community service groups can partner and cross-refer with one another. The facility will operate with anchor tenants and occasional users, alongside those that already use our existing facilities,” he said. “Getting this right will help build stronger families and a healthy community.”

The church has a Project Group to oversee the feasibility study and initial planning. Chair of the group, Kathy Campbell said, “We are thrilled to be underway and have recently appointed a highly experienced, part-time project manager to finish the planning. He will explore future tenants and partners, help us refine the concept and oversee the development of a Master Plan for the vacant land.”

If you want to know more about the project, visit or email