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Where Ancient And Modern Meet

Story: Redcliffe Guide
Jan 31, 2018
Where ancient and modern meet
For thousands of years, Aboriginal people have been treating pain, sickness and disease with bush medicine. Using trees, plants, herbs, seeds, and animal products, they’ve had great success healing many conditions and diseases.

Each clan had their particular remedies, and despite the fact that none were written down, they have passed down from generation to generation. Aboriginal bush medicine is still used to treat sickness, and it’s now gaining in popularity as an alternative to Western Medicine.

Research into some of the plants and herbs has revealed that they contain many known antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that are widely used and recognised in western medicine. One example is tea-tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) used extensively as an antiseptic, skin and acne treatment, inhalant for colds, and a tea for sore throats. It has proven to be antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal. Aboriginal people have been using tea tree for thousands of years, having recognised its incredible healing properties. Eucalyptus and Gumby Gumby are other plants that feature heavily in Aboriginal Bush Medicine, and especially Eucalyptus can be found in a variety of medicinal forms in almost every home in Australia.

Lee Doherty of The Traditional Bush Medicine Company has opened Australia’s first traditional bush medicine retail outlet, located in Redcliffe’s Jetty Arcade, and she sells a variety of products.

“ Aboriginal Bush Medicine is
the oldest form of [pharmacological] medicine on the planet. Some people claim that the knowledge has been lost, but it hasn’t; this knowledge belongs to the Aboriginal people,” Lee says.

Lee is passionate about bush medicine and the integration of ancient knowledge with modern research. She describes it as a bringing together of the old and the new.

The Aboriginal people know which plants work, and which do not. Now, thanks to Lee and her desire to share her learning of this extensive traditional native Australian medicine, we have Aboriginal Bush Medicine available to us right here in Redcliffe.

The Traditional Bush Medicine Company
Shop 9, The Jetty Arcade, Redcliffe