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Sounds From The Military, Australian Army Band

By Ben Alexander | Dec 01, 2017
Sounds from the military, Australian Army Band
Responsible for more toe-tapping than Abba, the Australian Army Band will play again at the Redcliffe Cultural Centre on the 10th December.

Band co-spokesperson James Peters says that the acoustics inside the Redcliffe Cultural Centre will create a wonderful musical experience.

“The band will make the Christmas period that little bit more special for everyone, and as the show usually sells out within weeks, we urge people to secure tickets early. It is an amazing way to kick off Christmas time,” says James.

“ I think that the audience will feel lifted, and in a state of calm afterwards” says James.

More time has gone into preparation for this show, than any other show the band has done this year.

The Australian Army Band was officially founded in 1968, and formed because the Australian military was in need of an image re-write. Nearly 50 years on they are going stronger than ever, sent around the country by popular demand. It seems Australia can’t get enough of them.

Retired band member Tom Joy explains how special it is for those with family members in the military.

“The Christmas show is one of the traditional shows and brings a large crowd with a variety in the audience, but you can see that some people have a close connection to the band,” he says.

The shows will be held in the Redcliffe Cultural Centre, and promises to be a fantastic family experience. This is a great place for the band because the sound and atmosphere are unique, with the shape of the venue, and the stage. It is truly the perfect spot for such an uplifting show.

As the show usually sells out, there will be two shows on 10th December; one at 11am, and the second at 2pm. Tickets are $15 each.

For tickets, call the The Cultural Centre box office directly on ph. 3283 0407. Group bookings are welcome.