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Hobby Fest

Redcliffe Guide | Sep 27, 2017
Hobby Fest
Collectors, crafters and creators from all walks of life will be drawn to Hobby Fest being held in Clontarf this month.

Hobby Fest coordinator Dianna Borger says the event is held every second year and has something for everyone.

“We first started in 2009, and it has grown since then,” she says.

“We have all sorts of interesting collections on show this year, including a Star Trek display, a doll collection and a collection of ashtrays, which you don’t see much anymore as people don’t smoke as much as they used to.”

Children will be interested to see collections of Snoopy and Pokemon memorabilia. There’s also plenty to see for creative types, including quilting, watercolour painting, photography, embroidery and tatting, as well as model planes and woodwork.

For those interested in the homegrown movement, there will be a display about beekeeping and how to make your own homebrew.

“ There will be plenty for sale on the day as well, including cards and woodwork items and we will have a cake and craft stall,” Dianna says.

“It might be a great chance to find some early Christmas presents.

“Something that is really different this year is we have a lady coming along who makes ornaments from coral and seaweed. That’s something we’ve not seen before, so I am very interested in that one.”

Twilight Singers from Redcliffe Gardens will provide the entertainment at Hobby Fest, and there will also be poetry performed. Morning and afternoon tea will be available for purchase. 

“It’s great for people to belong to a club, particularly children,” Dianna says.

“So anyone interested in these hobbies should come along and learn about them.”

Hobby Fest will be held on Saturday, October 21 at St Peter the Fisherman Anglican Church, 13 Lucinda Street, Clontarf, from 10am to 2pm. Entry is $2 and children are free. For information or to display items, please phone 3284 9283.