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Tenors On Tour

Redcliffe Guide | Sep 27, 2017
Tenors On Tour
Fans of classic tunes will be delighted to hear that tenor trio Tenori is performing at the Redcliffe Cultural Centre on October 20.

The life of a touring musician is often romanticised, with fans imagining it’s just one big wild, non-stop party. But when Tenori — comprising tenors Craig Atkinson, David Kidd and Andrew Pryor — go on tour, it’s far more sedate. 

“Let’s put it this way, I never saw any TV’s being thrown out of hotel windows,” laughs Craig.

“We’ve had some parties here and there and some good times, but those bands who trash hotel rooms have the financial means to clean them up.”

Originally part of the Ten Tenors, Craig, David and Andrew formed the smaller group a few years ago.

“The travel (as part of the Ten Tenors) was too hectic, so we had moved on, but found that we still love singing, so we joined back up, and now we do smaller tours, but it’s still doing what we love,’’ Craig says.

“We all have young families now, so we only go away for three days at a time.’’

Craig says fans can expect a fun show, filled with timeless tunes.

“We’ve got a band on stage with us for this show, which we don’t always do, so we’re really pumped about that,” he says. 

“There’ll be lots of Broadway tunes, swing, some opera — just classic music that people really love to hear.”

Craig says that style of music has never gone out of fashion, and believes people love it because it harks back to a simpler time.

“People were certainly less busy back then,” he says. 

“ And you know, travelling to Vegas to see the Rat Pack and people like that, was such a huge treat in those days.”

Tenori has embraced social media and keep their fans up to date with a Facebook page and even their own YouTube channel.

“All our tour shenanigans are on YouTube,” Craig says.

Just don’t expect to see any TV’s being thrown out of hotel windows. 

“It’s too hard; they’re bolted to the wall — TV’s are huge these days,” Craig laughs. 

“But seriously, we’re really pumped about coming to Redcliffe. We can’t wait to see you all.”

Tenori play the Redcliffe Cultural Centre on Friday, October 20 at 7.30pm.
Tickets: $35. Bookings: ph 3283 0407 or
visit www.redcliffeculturalcentre...