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Action On Redcliffe Hospital Carpark

Redcliffe Guide | Aug 30, 2017
Action On Redcliffe Hospital Carpark
Plans for a new multi-storey carpark at Redcliffe Hospital are underway, with planning and community consultation set to begin in the coming weeks. Member for Redcliffe Yvette D’Ath said parking has long been a big issue at Redcliffe Hospital. “We hear stories about patients missing appointments because they can’t find a park and staff having to park off-site and incurring parking fines while they are caring for patients.

“But there is no space on the hospital campus and to expand parking access without encroaching on the community, we have to build up,” she said.

Right now on site, there are close to 700 car spaces. The Hospital and Health Service estimates up to 225 additional spaces are needed just to cater for existing demand at Redcliffe.

Minister for Health and Ambulance Services Cameron Dick praised Mrs D’Ath’s advocacy for her local community.

“ I want to thank Yvette for bringing this matter to my attention,” Mr Dick said. “She’s been knocking on my door about a car parking solution since I became the Health Minister.

Mr Dick said an on-site multi-storey carpark at the Redcliffe Hospital would offer a greater level of safety for staff, patients and families, however, the caveat is that this is an expensive operation.

The key question on financing is whether to use health investment to pay for the carpark or to ask for users of that carpark to contribute to the cost of the infrastructure through a reasonable tariff.

Mr Dick said visitors could expect to pay a maximum charge of about $15 per day for car parking at the new multi-storey carpark, with concessions available for eligible patients, carers and staff.

Queensland Health would finalise a business case for the site and move into the procurement phase by mid next year with early works to commence soon after.

“The business case will consider forecast demand projections for this hospital and make sure we provide scope for any possible expansion,” Mr Dick said.

“That’s going to involve a lot of consultation with staff and consumer representatives, as well as the broader community.”