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Parkour Park, A Winner

Redcliffe Guide | Aug 30, 2017
Parkour Park, A Winner
Woody Point’s parkour park has proven to be a hit with young and old!

“The parkour facility is the first one

of its kind in the Moreton Bay Region,” says Councillor Koliana Winchester, who advocated the park.

“It’s an excellent way to keep fit and have fun for all ages. The park is particularly important for young people as a unique facility to get them outdoors.”

There are 12 different challenges and soft-fall matting to ensure a safe landing space to try new tricks. The shaded park has angled walls, vault bars, boulders and balancing blocks.

Recognised by Parks and Leisure Australia, the Moreton Bay Regional Council won an Award of Excellence for the Woody Point park at the Parks and Leisure Australia Regional Awards Qld in June 2016.

Mr Jay Price, from the Brisbane Parkour Association, says that as a certified facility, it is an obvious choice for parkour athletes to practice new moves and competition training.

“This facility demonstrates council’s commitment to growing and diversifying sport and recreation in one of Australia’s fastest growing urban areas,” says Price.

Parkour is a French term for a type of training that was originally developed from military obstacle course training. The activity is a great source of exercise, encouraging athletes of all abilities to experiment with their environment.

By running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping and rolling, parkour enthusiasts make their way through the park as fast and efficiently as possible.

Why not perfect your skills at the parkour park with help from the professionals! Every third Saturday of the month, instructors from Brisbane Parkour Training Hub or Brisbane Parkour will conduct free parkour workshops at the park.

Workshops will be held from 9am to 10am for participants aged seven to 11 years and 10.15am to 12.15pm for participants aged 12 to 15 years. This forms part of the Moreton Bay Regional Council’s RAMP UP program for teens and children, featuring free parkour sessions from August 2017 to June 2018.

To book or for information, visit

Woody Point parkour park is situated in Crockatt Park at the intersection of Victoria Avenue and Hornibrook Esplanade.