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Brothers Band Together To End Loneliness

Story: Patricia Higgins
Published On : May 27, 2024
Brothers Band Together To End Loneliness
It all starts when a concerned and loving person connects us to a person who feels lonely. This is the objective that local organisation Band of Brothers facilitates, and together with several initiatives and a community grant from Kedron-Wavell, they have been able to impact social isolation and loneliness in the community.

According to Bryan Wiseman, President of Band of Brothers, the group reaches out to people who may need more connection and support via a weekly telephone call, and then expands on this to “build bridges of friendship”.

“We then find out what could interest and motivate this person to connect with the community, for example, they might enjoy fishing or shopping, and then we actively facilitate introduction and follow-up,” Mr Wiseman said.

According to Mr. Wiseman, loneliness can result in social isolation, mental illness, and even chronic illnesses.

Recent Australian research reveals that feeling lonely affects one in three Australians, but as many as one in two try to cover it up.

“Not only is loneliness a taboo subject, it’s also the scourge of our community for probably over 21,000 people in Redcliffe – so let’s talk about it and take the time to engage with people feeling lonely,” he said.

In light of this, Band of Brothers has stepped up their efforts with the recent launch of a poster campaign, their preparation for Ending Loneliness Together Week (a nationwide social awareness initiative) and the planning of a ‘Senior’s Party’ to be held later this year.

They are also working towards providing temporary crisis accommodation for unhoused people and secure overnight parking for women and children sleeping in their vehicles, as well as care packages for those in need.

They call these ‘Hope Bags’ (filled with goodies as well as notes of friendship and encouragement), with Mr Wiseman saying they “cost about $30 each, but it’s well worth seeing the smiles on the faces of people who are homeless”.

“The support of Kedron Wavell RSL and the Cornerstone Group, plus many kind people, is appreciated,” he said.

To make a difference personally (and also for local businesses interested in sponsoring Band of Brothers) visit or call 07 2105 5959