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Redcliffe Puts On A Show

Story: Patricia Higgins
Published On : May 27, 2024
Redcliffe Puts On A Show
Year after year, the Redcliffe Show promises to deliver excitement and entertainment for the whole family, with performances now taking place from day into night.

The acts are slated to be diverse and expansive, running the gamut from classic show favourites to enriching cultural showcases.

According to Barbara Mapp, Senior Vice President of the Redcliffe Show and Chairperson of the Redcliffe Show Society’s Management Committee, this year’s event will feature three days of unbridled entertainment, made up of mainly local talent.

“To foster local talent is important, with everybody coming to the Redcliffe Show because it is different from all other events held on the Peninsula,” Ms Mapp said. 

Scarborough's very own ukulele players, known as Supers, as well as an array of multicultural dance performances, are among the many live stage attractions.

“We also have Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) demonstrations from Elite Martial Arts, woodchop events, championship dogs, and horse jumping,” Ms Mapp said.

She said that the night entertainment would not disappoint with FMX bikes, trackskill cars, vintage speed cars, and the much-loved fireworks display.

According to ‘TeeJay’, leader of the Supers, the Redcliffe Show was an occasion that the whole band was excited about.

“The ukulele is such a happy instrument, guaranteed to make you smile, so we always like to welcome our audiences to sing along with us and join in the fun,” Teejay said.

Performer Tessa Tepa Haleti said she was grateful for the opportunity that her dance ensemble, the Tuvalu Country Group, had been given to share the stories, knowledge and wisdom passed down by her cultural elders through many generations.

This group's native Tuvalu, one of the world's smallest countries, has a dance called fatele, which is a significant part of the nation’s cultural heritage.

“To be invited to perform and showcase our culture, through not only fatele but also through our unique cultural attire, will always be an honour for us to do so for our tiny island home,” Ms Tepa Haleti said.

To find out more about the Redcliffe Show, including the program of events, ticket prices and ticket sales, visit

The 75th Annual Redcliffe Show
28, 29, 30 June, 8:30am-late
Redcliffe Showgrounds
Scarborough Rd, Redcliffe.