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Tribute Band Honours Legendary 1988 Pink Floyd Tour

Story: Alyssa Mackay
Published On : May 27, 2024
Tribute Band Honours Legendary 1988 Pink Floyd Tour
Australia’s top Pink Floyd tribute band, Echoes of Pink Floyd, is returning to Redcliffe with their latest concert experience, Signs of Life. This show will celebrate Pink Floyd’s 1988 Australian tour, the last time the band visited the country, and their live album Delicate Sound of Thunder.

Echoes of Pink Floyd lead vocalist Matt Goodluck said they would be performing many of the songs from the 1988 tour, allowing fans to relive memories of that time. 

“While the show still features all of the band’s classic hits, it has a particular focus on Pink Floyd’s 80’s output, which is something we’ve not done before,” Matt said.

“One highlight for fans of the 80’s era is that we are performing all of the A Momentary Lapse of Reason album (which Pink Floyd did on that tour) – something that no other Pink Floyd tribute does. The reason being that those songs are quite musically challenging but it’s been great fun for us to replicate those songs along with all of the big standout hits from the band.”

The setlist will include popular album tracks, including Learning to Fly and On the Turning Away, as well as lesser-known gems like Yet Another Movie. The show will also feature videos as a backdrop to the music.

“I think it’s really important to keep mixing up the set list every couple of years to keep it interesting for both us and the fans,” Matt said.

“We’ve had such great feedback on this tour about the songs we’re playing and how it’s brought back a lot of memories for those that attended those iconic shows back in 1988.”

The six-piece band from Adelaide, featuring guitarists Daniel Hunter and Mark MacNab, drummer Jason Miller, keyboardist Paul Bindig, and bassist Tony Coppola, will be joined by saxophonist Ben Westphal and vocalist Bree Gregory for this tour.

Matt said the Redcliffe Entertainment Centre was a fantastic venue in a beautiful part of the country.

“The audience were so enthusiastic last time, which is why we’re back,” he said. “We really love it when the crowd audibly gets into the music. It becomes a great exchange of energy between the band and the audience and that’s what live shows are all about.”

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Echoes of Pink Floyd - Signs of Life Tour
Friday, 14 June, 8pm
Redcliffe Entertainment Centre