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Fundraiser With A Flourish

Story: Patricia Higgins
Published On : May 27, 2024
Fundraiser With A Flourish
Raise it for Redcliffe Hospital (and the pinnacle of the initiative in Giving Day) allows supporters to contribute to funding medical supplies and programs in a choice of ways, such as a one-time gift, establishing a monthly gift debit and even by sharing their own stories.

June's exquisite Morning Tea and High Tea event, organised by RR Lifestyle Arts, represents another opportunity to make an impact in a unique and meaningful way.

According to Karyn Salau of RR Lifestyle Arts, fundraisers hold a variety of potential benefits for businesses that go far beyond just the recognition of their involvement.

“Participating in fundraisers shows that a business cares about the community, which can enhance its reputation and strengthen its ties to local customers,” Ms Salau said.

Charity endeavours such as Raise it for Redcliffe Hospital can not only help to foster a sense of community and shared purpose, but they can also honour the legacy of a loved one, which was the case for Ms Salau.

"My mother, Betty, was a vibrant, loving and strong woman who always put others before herself, and in 2022, our world was turned upside down when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer,” Ms Salau said.

Ms Salau said that the hospital’s efforts gave her family precious moments together, and despite being in the palliative care unit, her mum's face always lit up with joy when she was able to enjoy a beautiful cup of tea.

This is emblematic of the Morning Tea and High Tea Giving Day event, infusing the restorative qualities of good company and an uplifting conversation with the added twist of a specially crafted and presented flowering tea.

“Flowering tea, also known as blooming tea, is a special type of handcrafted tea that offers a unique and visually stunning experience,” Ms Salau said.

Reserve your place at the RR Lifestyle Arts Morning Tea and High Tea by calling 0432 410 801 or by visiting (bookings are essential).

To find out more about Raise it for Redcliffe Hospital (including Giving Day) visit

Supporting Raise it for Redcliffe Hospital Morning Tea and High Tea
Saturday, 29 June, 10am (Morning Tea) & 2pm (High Tea)
RR Lifestyle Arts
508 Oxley Avenue, Redcliffe.