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Movie Review - Lubo

Story: @watchitwombat
Published On : Apr 23, 2024
Movie Review - Lubo
Set in Switzerland during the Second World War, Lubo follows the journey of a humble nomadic street performer who is happy with his lot in life – friends, family and the open road. That is until he’s reluctantly called up to join the Swiss army to defend the border with Austria from a potential German invasion. Forced to abandon his family, it’s not long before tragedy hits and the authorities take his three young children away. Fueled by his love for his kids and hatred of those who’ve taken them, he’s determined to have his family back, but where to start?

Although this is a story of one man doing anything (and I mean anything) to be reunited with his family, you’ll soon realise that the story has a deeper and far more sinister mystery lurking beneath the surface. After Lubo, played expertly by Franz Rogowski, deserts the army and assumes a new identity, you’ll be wondering if his secret will be uncovered and if he’ll ever find his family. To explain any further would spoil your enjoyment of the movie but what I can tell you is that the driving force of this film boils down to a simple question – how far would you go to protect your children? This may sound cliche but as a parent, I can relate to it being one of the biggest motivations of my life.

Thanks to Director Giorgio Diritti and his incredible cast and crew, you won’t doubt for a second that this isn’t the 1930s and that Hitler isn’t a stone's throw away. The locations look amazing, the costumes look authentic and the cars look brand new.

As I’m sure you can imagine from what you’ve read so far, this isn't a light-hearted jaunt through the Swiss Alps. However, what it lacks in laughs, it makes up for in heart and mystery, as at any moment he could be discovered.

Make sure you purchase a large popcorn and drink (preferably a stein of beer) and get comfortable because Lubo has a three-hour run time. Don’t be daunted by this, think of it more as value for money.

Catch Lubo at the German Film Festival from 9-29 May at Palace Cinemas Brisbane.