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Redcliffe Guide Celebrates 10 Years As Community Favourite

Story: Alyssa Mackay
Published On : Jan 21, 2024
Redcliffe Guide Celebrates 10 Years As Community Favourite
This year, the Redcliffe Guide marks a milestone that is quite a cause for celebration — the tenth anniversary of the publication.

Since its launch in 2014, the magazine has aimed to be an essential resource for residents and visitors to the area. The Redcliffe Guide was founded by husband and wife Dominic and Elise Alberth, who already owned and produced the Sandgate Guide and decided to extend their successful venture to the peninsula.

“We had several community members ask for a Redcliffe version of the Sandgate Guide, expressing that it was something they needed on the peninsula,” Dominic said.

“Redcliffe peninsula had its own feel and vibe. We wanted to give the Redcliffe area a guide like Sandgate as there are many similarities like seaside lifestyle and strong community spirit. But the Redcliffe area is diverse with community groups and activities which are unique to Redcliffe. We let the Guide grow organically into what it is now.”

Over the years, the Redcliffe Guide has covered numerous events in the community and shared the stories of many local faces. Elise said one of the major highlights during their time producing the magazine was the opening of Stage 2 of Bee Gees Way in 2015.

“It was an exciting time for Redcliffe, and the Guide covered the opening event,” Elise said. “We were given the opportunity to meet Barry Gee, so that was a very memorable moment.”
The Alberths said the Redcliffe Guide gave the community a voice.

“There was a need to get the word out about events and activities happening on the peninsula,” Elise said. “We think the Guide was integral to forming long-lasting community connections.”

When Dominic and Elise decided to pursue new ventures in 2022, the Redcliffe and Sandgate Guides were taken on by current editor Jodie Morphett. Jodie said that from its conception 10 years ago, the Redcliffe Guide has remained the community’s favourite way to read about local stories and discover local events.

“As we step into the next ten years, our commitment deepens as we continue to share the untold narratives and events that define the essence of the peninsula,” Jodie said.