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Rebecca Levingston, I Presume!

Story: Anthony Frangi
Published On : Oct 25, 2023
Rebecca Levingston, I Presume!
Rebecca Levingston, presenter of the ABC Radio Brisbane’s two and a half hour Morning Show has just finished her third outside broadcast at the Redcliffe Jetty. Her show has been part of the ABC Radio Brisbane’s October broadcast commitment to present the Moreton Bay City’s profile as one of the major growth areas in Australia, of which Redcliffe features prominently.

Despite an early 6 am start and it’s now 11.30am, she still enthusiastically thanks her two producers, Rachel Mealey and Michelle Collins for helping to make the show another success. Asked whether she prefers outside broadcasts to those from a  studio, she replies “I much prefer outside broadcasts, particularly in Redcliffe as it allows me to meet our listeners face to face and chat and to enjoy the magnificent vista that the Peninsula has to offer!”

Rebecca was born in Darwin and grew up in Townsville, but has worked and travelled all over the world. Upon finishing school, she studied Hotel Management and Japanese at Griffith University and then worked in Osaka, Japan and London. But this young jet setter wasn’t ready to settle down yet! Rebecca moved to the United States, where she worked with an international communications company in Phoenix Arizona. This job stimulated a lifelong interest in journalism.

Finally returning to Brisbane, Rebecca studied journalism and in a part time capacity, became the ABC’S traffic reporter, eventually graduating with the ABC into a program producer’s role. She subsequently achieved her ambition in becoming a program presenter. Later Rebecca achieved a personal milestone broadcast wise, in that she has presented every show that the ABC Radio Brisbane broadcasts daily, but readily admits that her favourite is her current Morning Show, which she has now done for almost five years. She has interviewed many interesting people including Prime Ministers, politicians, pop stars and even tiger cubs and crocodiles in the studio.

When asked about her experience broadcasting on the Peninsula, she sbelieves that Redcliffe with its friendly welcoming persona and its outstanding vista is truly one of Queensland’s best kept secrets saying “And I truly understand why Redcliffians want to keep this wonderful place, a secret! I would!”