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Sky’s The Limit For Women Learning To Fly

Story: Alyssa Mackay | Photo: Pete Johnson
Published On : Jul 23, 2022
Sky’s The Limit For Women Learning To Fly
Female pilots are the focus of a new documentary series being filmed in Redcliffe.

She Flys is an eight-part series which champions women with their eyes on the skies, and is currently filming at Redcliffe Aerodrome with the support of flying school Advanced Aviation Training (AAT).

Filmmaker and AAT flight instructor, Stephen Limkin, said the idea for the series came about when the chair of Recreational Aviation Australia, Michael Monck, asked him if he would be interested in a project promoting women in aviation.

“What started out as a small project has grown into a multipart series that is exploring the unique stories of women reaching for the sky,” Stephen said.

“She Flys is about the soft barriers that face women in an extremely male-dominated role. There is nothing that major that stops women from flying, and yet statistics show that there is something, because the number of women flying is so low.”

AAT’s managing director and flight instructor Paul Reddish said Stephen and Michael approached him about supporting the project.  

“I thought it was a fantastic way to get more women to take up the challenge and as such agreed to be a part of the series,” Paul said.

She Flys is directed by Stephen and produced by Bridget May of Nora & RD Productions. It features women from different backgrounds as they pursue their dream to become pilots.

Television presenter Catriona Rowntree became involved after posting on social media that she wanted to learn to fly.

“A friend of hers connected her with Michael Monck and Recreational Aviation Australia and she became part of the series,” Stephen said. “Catriona is a dedicated student pilot and…well, I guess you’ll have to wait and see if she makes it to the end.”

Stephen said he hoped people would support the production by making a donation through the Documentary Australia website.

“The money raised from the She Flys Documentary Australia website will go directly to the post-production, which is the most expensive and important part of the project,” he said. “We want to make sure that it looks and sounds good.”

She Flys is expected to be free to watch on YouTube next year.
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