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Great Northern Garden Of Remembrance: A Place To Remember Your Loved Ones.

Published On : Jul 23, 2022
Great Northern Garden Of Remembrance: A Place To Remember Your Loved Ones.
For over 110 years, the Gow family have served the Brisbane community, offering a place of tranquility where people can step aside from the hustle and bustle of busy everyday life and remember their loved ones in peace.              

Set on 3.5 hectares of beautifully manicured gardens, Great Northern Garden of Remembrance is a Crematorium and Memorial Garden, nestled amongst serene waterways, surrounded by national parks and bushland.

What sets Great Northern Garden of Remembrance apart is the carefully curated space that surrounds the crematorium and Chapel. Care has been taken to create lush, manicured lawns, and beautiful rose gardens which help set a reflective mood. Bubbling brooks and waterways are one of the exquisite features which offer a meditative environment and a place where families can truly focus on remembering their loved ones.

Manager of Great Northern Garden of Remembrance, Tony Sargent, said the grounds were created to help visitors feel at home.

“Our natural native fauna, resident mob of kangaroos and other wildlife give the serene surroundings a sense of authentic Aussie placement,” Tony said.

“People feel comfortable visiting our property.”

The facilities are available to families who wish to hire the space, with staff ensuring that care and thought go into every detail.

“Our Chapel and Refreshments lounge are hired out to Funeral Directors and families so people can farewell their loved ones who have passed on,” Tony said.

“We provide full cremation services and our Crew see that thorough care and professionalism is given to the process of ashes.”

Funeral arrangements can be made at the Arrangement offices, and families can enquire with one of the Memorial Consultants to find a permanent garden monument to place the ashes of their loved ones.

Great Northern Garden of Remembrance is holding a Father’s Day Memorial service on Friday 2 September, at 6pm. It will involve 90 minutes of reflection for families to remember their loved ones, especially Dad’s. Later this year, they will hold their annual Christmas Memorial Service, and all are invited to attend.

Great Northern Garden of Remembrance
31 Tallowwood Drive
Deception Bay

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