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Ross Noble Comes To Redcliffe

Published On : May 26, 2022
Ross Noble Comes To Redcliffe
Story Patricia Higgins

What happens when a creature is created and bred to do stand up? 

Ross Noble is exactly that exuberant, spontaneous, and cerebral entertainer to which performance comes instinctually, and he will be bringing his new show to the Redcliffe Entertainment Centre in June.

Residents of Moreton Bay have the opportunity to see one of the world’s best comedians in their local region by purchasing tickets to Ross Noble - On The Go.

According to Ross, after the restrictions imposed by many lockdowns the power of a good laugh in a shared space could not be more relevant.

“My walking on stage is just a starting point, it’s about being in the room with other people”, Ross said.

Perhaps due to his surrealist on-stage style, which includes a delivery that often flies off the cuff and lands in a place of unlimited imagination, Ross said he can’t always define what his show is going to be.

“It’s really just me talking about what’s in my head and going off on tangents,” he said.

While the comedian’s trademark is freewheeling improvisation and tomfoolery, it’s clear Ross’s subject matter is frequently fueled by a deep sense of curiosity about not only the audience in front of him, but life in general.

It has even gone so far as to include his hilarious takes on multiple dimensions within the cosmos, signalling the impromptu quality of his humour on the most authentic level.

“What I like about comedy is that it is one of the few artforms where you don’t have to extensively have a run through beforehand,” Ross said.

On the topic of censorship, Ross said that comedians should always be allowed free speech but should nonetheless be mindful of the type of energy they are putting out into the world.

Ross appears to have boundless energy, and as a multiple globe award winner and cult comedian, it’s evident that stand-up has become second nature to him.

To book tickets to Ross Noble - On The Go call (07) 3283 0407 or visit www.redcliffeentertainmentc.... You can also subscribe to Ross Noble’s official YouTube Channel, which is searchable online.

Ross Noble - On The Go
Thursday 23 June, 8pm
Redcliffe Entertainment Centre
Downs St, Redcliffe.