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Be Enchanted With Dance And Illusions

Story: Aleasha Bliss
Published On : Nov 19, 2021
Be Enchanted with Dance and Illusions
Be spellbound by Celtic Illusion Reimagined, as Irish dance and magic combine on stage to create an exhilarating performance that will leave your heart racing.

Lead dancer and producer Anthony Street said Celtic Illusion, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, was a bizarre concept of his.

Still, the sell-out shows over the years emphasise how much the fusion of Irish dance and illusion complement each other.

This show is so different, which is why it's been so successful, Anthony said. It's a high energy, contemporary take on Lord of the Dance and Riverdance fused with magic and illusion.

It's not your usual magic show, there's no one getting cut up or anything like that. I use the magic to introduce people in a show or might make them vanish through dance and levitation. We've got quick costume change effects, there's a surprise at every corner, and that, mixed with the high energy dancing, is a feast for your eyes.

Anthony started Irish dancing at age 14 after being inspired by Michael Flatley. After five years of classes, he was the first Australian to perform lead in Lord of the Dance, and stayed with that dance company for nearly five years.

I came back to Australia with almost all my savings from working overseas and touring abroad as a professional dancer, and I invested all my savings into this concept. Celtic Illusion premiered in November, 2011, he said.

I jumped into the deep end and I did all the work myself. It's been a really big learning curve and the show has grown and grown and now it's almost surprising if we don't have a sell-out.

To bring the show to the stage, the company tours with 22 people ' 16 performers as well as cast and crew, from sound and lighting technicians to wardrobe and merchandise specialists.

Anthony said he loved small, intimate venues, as the power of his show shone through regardless of the venue size.

I encourage everyone to come along because the last 18 months have been just horrible for so many people, he said.

But that aside, regardless of what age you are, young or old, it's a great night out of entertainment for the whole family.

To book go to and search Celtic Illusion Reimagined.

Celtic Illusion Reimagined
Friday, 28 January, 7.30pm
Redcliffe Entertainment Centre
Downs Street, Redcliffe