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Strike Gold In Redcliffe

Story: Aleasha Bliss
Published On : Oct 22, 2021
Strike Gold in Redcliffe
Have you ever dreamed of investing in precious metals? Gold, silver and platinum continue to be popular assets for savvy investors who want to avoid high-level depreciation through inflation on their investments.

Private Vaults Australia can be found on the site of the old Commonwealth Bank in Redcliffe, and they can help you discover if buying precious metals is the investment for you.

The company also has security deposit boxes that ensure complete safety of personal items that may be at risk of theft, fire or damage if kept in your home.

Private Vaults Australia general manager Peter said that the company has a 40-year trading history, with offices all over Australia and Singapore. The Redcliffe branch has been operating for three years, and its huge location accommodates three vaults to protect your valuables.

“We are also Gold Bullion Australia and we're the third largest bullion merchant in the country – the largest in Queensland,” Peter said. “A lot of people don't know we are here, so it's really exciting seeing first-time bullion buyers coming in and us giving them the resources so they can go away and make choices.”

The company’s website lets you follow live prices and charts to see the buy and sell prices of gold, silver and platinum. You can also look at previous patterns to pinpoint the best time to invest.

Currently, gold prices are much lower than they were a year ago.

“I always say to folks, take your time,” Peter said. “Look through it, and make a decision, but at some point, gold's going to jump. I think the wonderful expression a friend of mine said, ‘I'd rather be a year early than a day late because when it goes it's going to go like a skyrocket’.”

Peter said Private Vaults Australia never recommends people put all their eggs in one basket, but the safest way to protect themselves is to diversify their investments.

For more information, or to purchase bullion or set up a security deposit box, go to

Private Vaults Australia
Unit 3, 73 Redcliffe Parade
Redcliffe (Entry via Baker Street)
P 1300 888 782