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The Aussie Comedy Pub Tour

Story: Aleasha Bliss
Published On : Jul 03, 2021
The Aussie Comedy Pub Tour
Get ready for an afternoon of side-splitting laughs at the Redcliffe Tigers AFC. The club will be hosting a comedy show this month headlining the Nelson Twins. Lindsay Webb and Dan Willis will also be doing their hilarious sets on the day.

The Nelson Twins are men of many talents. Not only has their comedy career seen them make the semi-finals of Australia’s Got Talent in 2012, they also were on Britain’s Got Talent the Champions in 2019, and a range of Australian programs and radio shows.

The identical twins have been a comedy duo for 13 years and Justin Nelson said the adrenaline of doing stand-up comedy was amazing and very addictive.

The men are almost 40, are both school teachers, and run a corporate public speaking workshop called Stand Up and be Counted. Although they bicker onstage in their comedy act, they are very close – they even live 300 metres from each other.

Both Chris and Justin said they have had comedy horror stories and favourite moments on stage that made their careers all the more memorable.

“We once turned up to a show that was outside, at night and they had no lights,” Chris said. “We performed in complete darkness. Nobody enjoyed the show but at least they didn’t know who we were.

“Performing for the troops in Iraq is one of my favourite memories. Not the safest environment to work in, but great fun.”

Chris said after eight months of no performances due to COVID, he was excited to be back on stage. Justin however had a different take.

“I enjoyed the break; it was like being an only child,” Justin said.

“I always wanted to be a comedian, but Mum said I wasn’t allowed to do it without my brother,” Chris said. “On the night, the audience can expect Justin to start slow but have one good joke right at the end.”

“It’ll be worth the wait,” Justin said.

Redcliffe Tigers AFC will have lunch available for purchase and drink specials at the bar.

Tickets are $35 (pre-purchased) or $40 at the door.

To find our more and to pre-purchase your tickets, visit the Redcliffe Tigers AFC Facebook page.

Redcliffe Tigers AFC Comedy Show
Presenting the Nelson Twins
Sunday, 18 July, 12:00pm
Redcliffe Tigers AFC
30 Nathan Road, Kippa-Ring