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A Healthy Way Of Life

Story: Eve Vickerson | Photo: Bruce Redman
Published On : Jul 03, 2021
A Healthy Way of Life
For sports lover and self-described ‘rugby league tragic’ Robbie Brokenshire, it was almost inevitable that he would choose a career in health.

His mum was a nurse and practice manager. His brother is a GP. Robbie said that he practically grew up in doctors’ surgeries and practices.

“I’ve always been surrounded by medicine and health,” Robbie said. “It’s always quite intrigued me, and I had that sort of background.”

With its unique blend of sport and health, working as an accredited exercise physiologist has been the perfect career choice for Robbie.

“I get to see a broad range of individuals from all walks of life,” he said. “We use exercise to help treat and manage their health conditions and to help [patients] improve their overall health.”

The job is not without its perks. “Basically, I get to hang out in the gym all day, exercise people and talk to people really, that’s the fun thing.”

In between sessions with clients, Robbie enjoys the jokes and banter with other clients who say hello while they are at the gym. “There are a few clients who love to give me cheek,” he said with a laugh.

Ultimately, the most satisfying part of the job for Robbie is being able to help others.

“I like helping people – helping them to achieve their goals and better themselves. I used to be a support worker myself. I just like to help.”

To help motivate people, Robbie tailors sessions to match each individual.

“If there’s a particular sort of exercise training-style that a person likes, then we try and incorporate that and their interests,” he said. “We start off small and build up from there.”

As a former Novocastrian who grew up by the beach, Robbie said that working in Redcliffe had a special appeal because he loved being around the water. So much so, he is thinking about making a move to the Peninsula.

“Initially, a lot of my clients actually said to me, ‘You’re going to end up living out here’, and what’s happening at the moment? I’m looking for a house out here. They’ve got me!”

Robbie is an accredited exercise physiologist with ProHealth EP. For more information visit: