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Birthing Revolution

Story: Aleasha Bliss
Published On : May 25, 2021
Birthing Revolution
Pregnancy and birth is an exciting time for many, and can also be a very overwhelming experience for many new mothers. One Peninsula woman is bringing light to the issues for women in pregnancy and is hosting an award-winning documentary to promote a positive birth experience.

Luvamama owner Catherine Donaldson is a doula – a non-medical person who provides support to women during pregnancy and childbirth – and offers childbirth education as a Hypnobirthing Australia private practitioner.  She is passionate about giving new mothers confidence and empowering them through their childbirth journey.

“It was my calling to become a doula,” Catherine said. “Being with women to give them the best possible experience, support, and continuous care is a really big thing so that a woman feels really safe.

“As a doula, that’s what I can offer as a companion, a coach, and a calm presence; to help woman feel really calm, at ease, and confident about birthing, because it can be a strange environment, especially when you enter a hospital environment.”

After seeing Birth Time: the documentary, Catherine said she wanted to be a part of the movement keeping the conversation going about the need to reform the current maternity care services in Australia and to provide a platform of support for expectant mothers.

“It’s a kind of movie everyone needs to see,” she said. “Men, young girls, young boys; it’d be good to make this a mainstream discussion.

“I really want to bring that to more people’s awareness and help women get a voice. It’s the pregnant mums who are most disadvantaged and vulnerable, especially post having the baby.”

Catherine has invited the health minister and other special guests for a Q & A session after the documentary and encourages everyone to get involved.

Birth Time highlights the need to change maternity care in Australia and educates women on the choices they have while navigating through pregnancy and beyond.

The award-winning documentary focuses on three women’s journeys to discover why so many people suffer trauma throughout their pregnancy and birth, and with the belief that one woman and one midwife is a way to create a more harmonious and positive birth experience.

This event can only go ahead if there is a minimum of 46 tickets booked by 30 June.

You can pre-order your tickets here:

Birth Time: the documentary
Thursday, 8 July, 6:30pm
Hoyts Redcliffe
Peninsula Fair Shopping Centre
272 Anzac Ave, Kippa-Ring