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Margate’s King Of Jazz

Story: Aleasha Bliss | Photo: Bruce Redman
Published On : Apr 23, 2021
Margate’s King of Jazz
Russell Bayne is one of the Peninsula’s most talented and established musicians. His musical career started at the mere age of 13 and now – nearly 72 – he shows no signs of slowing down.

Russell created a name for himself in the music industry after joining his first band with his guitar at 13, then moved to Sydney where he played alongside some of the biggest names in showbiz.

Some of the big names that Russell has supported or played with are The Monkees, Pavarotti, Ted Mulrey, Jerry Lewis, James Morrison, and Normie Rowe. However, his list of Australian and international performances is endless.

This humble Margate muso loves performing and is involved in many shows each week. Most recently, he performed a few shows for the Three Legends in Concert tour – featuring Normie Rowe, Dinah Lee, and Jade Hurley.

“These are the people that created the Australian music scene,” Russell said. “I was never famous, but I worked with famous people. They knew I could do the work and I’d walk in and do it.”

Although Russell has played every genre, he is most passionate about jazz. This led him and fellow local musician Julian Jones to create a Jazz and Jam session at Jumping Goats Bar every second Wednesday.

“It’s about intelligent music,” Russell said. “We play jazz, some funky stuff, there’s a little bit of light rock and there’s some soul singers. Not just top 40 stuff; music with substance.”

Russell said the Jazz and Jam session had been a big success from the very first night. Experienced musicians from everywhere come to network, make friends, and have a jam at the bi-weekly event. It’s not just for the pros though. Russell said they even had a 12-year-old take to the mic and blow everyone away.

He said that the local area had some incredibly talented musicians that would become household names soon, and they also take part in the night. He said it is a great experience for everyone to see the talent for free and allows the musicians to have an audience.

“All the real musicians I know got into the industry for love,” Russell said. “Love of music, love of performing, love of just getting out there. You know, for me, it’s healing. It’s therapy for everybody.

“It’s my lifeblood. I’ve been doing it all my life, you know, and I just love it.”

Find out more information about the Jazz and Jam sessions here:

Julian Jones and Russell Bayne present Jazz and Jam
Wednesday, 12 and 26 May, 7pm
Jumping Goats Bar
4/295 Oxley Avenue, Margate