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Arj Barker Comes Clean

Story: Sally Eberhardt
Published On : Mar 19, 2021
Arj Barker Comes Clean
Arj Barker Comes Clean promises fun and surprises as US-born Arj shares his unique and hilarious views on life and current affairs. A veteran of many international comedy festivals, Arj said he wanted the audience to feel relieved that they had bought a ticket.

“Laughing is so healthy, so perhaps they will leave the show feeling rejuvenated, like they’ve been to a spa for their mind – and happy,” Arj said.

Arj first tried stand-up comedy on a dare when he was 19, and instantly fell in love with it. He dropped out of college, hit the road, and has rarely stopped since. Performing all over the globe, Arj enjoys a great following here in Australia but said he refused to commit to one place.

“I love performing in the best cities,“ he said. “And obviously that narrows it down to just a few: San Francisco, New York, London, Paris, and Redcliffe.

“As far as where I live permanently, the answer is nowhere – as nothing is permanent. However, I have been basing myself in Melbourne over the last 12 months or so.”

During COVID-19 lockdowns in Melbourne, Arj said he had spent a lot of time with his dogs, which was a real treat.

“They don’t love it when I go away, and to be honest I’m not sure they aren’t behind this whole pandemic.”

You may recognise Arj, who is also an actor and writer, from Flight of the Conchords, Last Comic Standing, and Thank God You’re Here, as well as numerous TV guest appearances both in the USA and Australia. At the ARIA Music Awards of 2019, he won Best Comic Release for his album titled Organic.

For more information, and to book your ticket, go to the Redcliffe Entertainment Centre website and search Arj Barker under events.

Prepare your funnybone for tickling. Don’t miss this rare chance to see such a high-calibre comedian right here.

Arj Barker Comes Clean
Friday, 23 April, 8pm-9.30pm
Redcliffe Entertainment Centre
Downs Street, Redcliffe