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Crack Open A Frothy At Beer Fest

Story: Aleasha Bliss
Published On : Jan 21, 2021
Crack Open a Frothy At Beer Fest
Eatons Hill Hotel is hosting its eighth annual Beer Fest on the Grass – “the biggest beer festival in Brisbane”.

Festivalgoers can expect an exhibition of over 130  local craft beers and ciders, and will be able to find a flavour to suit their tastebuds by sampling the brews from the endless selections on offer.

The day will also feature gourmet food trucks serving delicious eats to complement your brew of choice and keep your belly full so the ‘beer goggles’ do not come out too early.

Eatons Hill marketing and events coordinator Lauren McCarthy said the focus of the Beer Fest was on the local brewers and suppliers that will set up their market stalls with their craft creations for everyone to sample.

“Our main event of the day is the Keg Races,” Lauren said. “People are in teams of two and run kegs from one side to another. The winner will get an incredible prize.”

“We have pretty cruisey music on through the day from our live entertainment (yet to be announced), and as it progresses into the evening we have more full-on, fun music so everyone can have a dance on the dance floor in front of the stage, before continuing on to our nightclub inside when it opens.”

The Beer Fest tickets are currently only $10 if purchased online, however, will cost more at the door on the day.

Lauren said they also have a dress up competition to add to the fun of the day with patrons getting more creative each year – any theme you like.

“Over the years we have had Where’s Wallys running around, people wearing beer shirts from Lowes, and one year some festivalgoers dressed up as Power Rangers,” Lauren said.

“It’s a great event to get out and celebrate with your friends. Try some new beers – there’s a huge variety – for example last year we had a watermelon sour, and some of the smaller, local breweries will create some new, special flavours just for the day.”

Book tickets online at:

Beer Fest on the Grass
Saturday, 6 March, gates open 11am
Eatons Hill Hotel
646 South Pine Road
Eatons Hill