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Creativity Experiences Revival 

Story: Patricia Higgins  | Photo: Bruce Redman
Published On : Jan 21, 2021
Creativity Experiences Revival 
Revival Green is a workshop space in Margate that is currently home to a gallery of artworks, an array of potted plants, and home-spun gifts like macrame wall-hangings.   

With entry through Soul Harvest Wholefoods cafe, the studio has been designed by local artist Kate Cartwright of Lion Sword Designs, with a purpose that is incredibly close to her heart.

The concept is for art and community workshops to flourish here – Revival Green is to facilitate ‘creative play’; to help people rediscover their creative gifts and how to use them.

“I want to encourage people to explore creatively, so that they can understand more about their purpose in life – not that they are defined by one thing,” Kate said.

“People have so many gifts that they have no idea about – so much stored inside them that they can take out into the world to create change.”

According to Kate, Revival Green is also about building a stronger sense of connection for the local populace. 

“This is a great place – I want to build more of a community,” she said.

Community gatherings and events that are still in development include workshops on creative painting, zero waste/sustainability ideas, and planting tutorials. 

There’s also the opportunity for people to host their own workshops in order to share their creative knowledge.

“I want people to come here and refill their cup and leave inspired,” Kate said.

Revival Green is a space that’s been specifically created to nurture the senses so creativity can flow.

“We all have an inner garden; if we don’t tend to it becomes harder to look after. I want people to feel like they are supported,” Kate said.

“It’s about getting rid of old mindsets and default settings – I want people to find that freedom through that [creative] process.”

For Kate, art has the ability to speak to people in a way that can bypass any preconceived notions.

“Dream big – I mean really big. Life in general is art," she said.

You can follow all that is happening at Revival Green via Lion Sword Designs on Facebook at