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Local Faces: Kathryn Gregory

Story: Linda Read | Photo: Bruce Redman
Published On : Jan 21, 2021
Local Faces: Kathryn Gregory
“I’ve lived in Redcliffe my whole life – well, I’ve grown up in Redcliffe, but I’ve travelled between Redcliffe and Europe for the last 10 to 15 years. Redcliffe is my base.

I love being close to the ocean; it’s great for me if I want to go out walking. It’s calm and peaceful, away from all the city traffic. My favourite part of Redcliffe is at Woody Point – Scotts Point. It’s like the last bit of Redcliffe that’s untouched – you’ve got the nice beach down there; you’ve got the caves on the cliffs. It’s just a great place to watch the moon coming up.

I’m usually outdoors doing lots of hiking – I try and do hiking every weekend. And if I’m not hiking, I’m either at the gym, working on my fitness, and swimming – I love the ocean.

I work in childcare. I guess I’m in that industry because I like to be a positive role model for children. I’m really passionate about children’s development, and being that fun person for children – we don’t always know what their background is, and what life struggles children are facing.

Travelling is my main passion. I’m working on my ultimate goal at the moment, which is to complete every country in Europe. So far, I’m 26 countries in, and I’ve got 24 remaining.

One of my favourite places was going to one of the highest train stations in Europe, at the top of Switzerland, and walking out onto the Alps – that was pretty amazing. Another one that I found was amazing was that I lived in a cave in Crete [Greece] for a week. When I got to this tiny village there was actually no accommodation in the village, so me and another person scaled a cliff and found a cave to live in. It actually worked out to be the best experience of my life.

I like to do hula hooping for fun; it’s a good stress relief from work. I take my hula hoops down tp the beach, or work on my circus class with my teacher in Brisbane. I go down to the beach and practise. Some people come down and have a chat; kids come and join in. It brings back people’s childhood; it’s a bit of a conversation starter with the adults as well.