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A ‘marvelously’ Good Feed

Story: Aleasha Bliss  | Photo: Angelico Jarvis Photography
Published On : Jan 21, 2021
A ‘Marvelously’ Good Feed
Fish and chips at Scarborough just got a whole lot more exciting. Venture into Marvelous Fish and Chips and immerse yourself in the adventure of all things Marvel.

With Marvel characters decorating the doors and figurines and collectables to admire while you wait for your meal, it’s every superhero's – or villan's – dream to order handcrafted meals referencing a favourite character.

Marvelous Fish and Chips owners Rebecca and Giles Cockett have always been massive Marvel fans, and after attending Comicon and working in a fish and chip store, they decided to live out their passion and combine their two loves.

“We are proud of our fish and chips,” Rebecca said. “All our food is made from scratch, cooked to order, and we even offer gluten-free.”

“Our friend Joel, who designed our burger menu, drew inspiration from the Marvel characters, so it is American/Canadian inspired with all of the sauces for the burgers influenced and designed with those flavours in mind.”

The Marvel-themed menu is proving a hit with diehard fans as the offerings reference their favourite characters or what they represent. Rebecca said they had lots of fun coming up with their unique menu items and naming them accordingly. With meals named the Baby Groot pack and the Hemmy burger – to highlight Chris Hemsworth aka Thor – the kids will eat every bite.

“The Thanos pack is half of the Avengers pack – as he wanted to wipe out half of civilisation,” Rebecca said. “The Deadpool reflects Ryan Reynolds’ Canadian background in the form of southern fried chicken, sriracha or buffalo sauce with maple syrup, and coleslaw on a home-made waffle or bun.”

Rebecca said that even people that weren’t Marvel fans were really interested when they come in. They got to talk about the characters, watch some Marvel movies on the TV, and sometimes they wanted to go and watch more of the movies after they left.

“We also have a collection of comic books for our avid fans to look through and of course take one if it catches their eye,” Rebecca said. “It’s just been fantastic having our passion and living out our dream of the fish and chip shop. We are really happy with the entire menu. Everything is fresh and unique to us.”

Marvelous Fish And Chips
4/113 Landsborough Ave, Scarborough
0403 44 77 44