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Local Faces: Troy Zoch

Story: Linda Read | Photo: Bruce Redman
Oct 22, 2020
Local Faces: Troy Zoch
“I’ve lived in Redcliffe for 17 years. I was born and bred in Brisbane but I spent a couple of years when I was a teenager down in Victoria. I moved here when I was about 16 or 17. I like the lifestyle here – the relaxed parks and beaches. It’s still like a quiet town; it hasn’t really got too busy yet.

I’ve been a painter for about the same time I’ve lived here, and I’ve had my own business for 12 years. I’m the owner of Zoch Painting, and I do mainly government work – hospitals, community health centres – but I also do private residential and commercial work.

COVID has had a big up-tick on the business. You’d think it would go the opposite way, but the infrastructure within the hospitals has obviously meant things have had to be built. Also, residential work has picked up.

I play guitar and ride motorbikes as well. I’m self-taught [on the guitar] and I play at home just for my own pleasure. I mainly like classic rock, but I do like heavy metal as well. I don’t have a motorbike at the moment, but I’m shopping for one.

I started getting tattooed pretty late, at 26. Nearly all my tattoos are animals, because I’m a real animal person. I grew up with cats and dogs and birds. But I don’t have time [for a pet now] and also, I live in an apartment.

I go to the gym, I do yoga, and I like to run. I gave up smoking about three years ago; when I stopped, I had to fill the void. I had a lot more energy, but I had to keep my hands busy. I’ve always exercised, but I wouldn’t run, because I’d run out of puff. So I got really firm with myself [when I stopped smoking] and made a concerted effort. I go to the gym probably three times a week.

Yoga gives you a great chill pill to the brain. It’s also great for bringing awareness to the body. There’s something about that synergy of brain and body, where you’re in flow and in unison. It’s good.”