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A Book To Help You Find Your Cash

Story: Jodie Woodward | Photo: Tony Martin
Published On : Aug 20, 2020
A Book To Help You Find Your Cash
Do you want to turn your hard work and experience into a highly profitable business? Local business owner and author Brad Flynn has written just the book for you.

Seeing many business owners working hard but not getting great financial results prompted Brad to study what drives cash flow. The COVID-19 restrictions gave him the space to write Find Your Cash, which aims to help business owners earn more money sooner.

“I worked out there are a handful of strategies that work quickly for all businesses,’ Brad said.

Brad started his career as an engineer before falling in love with business and the positive effect it can have on people and their communities. He has worked on the Peninsula mentoring businesses for the last ten years.

“I help business owners learn about recruiting, advertising, financials, systems and, of course, finding cash. I am also president of the Redcliffe Peninsula Chamber of Commerce, which is all about connecting, educating and advocating for small business owners,” Brad said.

The book is written in plain English in a street-smart style, so the information is easily accessible. It includes real case studies and space for readers to record their own details as they work through the book.

"I have seen time and time again over the years that when the owners I work with get and apply these basics, it gives them not only an increase in cash but, equally importantly, an increase in their confidence. This confidence allows them to pursue and grow that entrepreneurial spirit that led them to go into their own business," Brad said.

Brad was busy during lockdown as he also wrote another book, Secrets to Hiring Your Ideal Employees. He believes this is the second largest frustration for business owners. This book will be released sometime in the future.

"But for now, I want to focus on helping as many people as I can improve their cash position through the book, but also through workshops and mentoring," Brad said.

Find out more or purchase a copy of Find Your Cash by visiting