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The Seabin Project: Newport Marina

Jun 23, 2020
THE Seabin PROJECT: Newport Marina
With ocean pollution being at the front of our minds, the federal government is doing their part in the Petrie electorate to combat this global problem and has recently taken a dive into the world of the Seabin. The government has been working alongside Australian company, Seabin Project, to recently install three Seabins at the Newport Marina, thanks to a federally funded environmental grant.

Luke Howarth MP said, "The Seabin is a revolution in ocean cleaning technology, helping to create cleaner oceans with healthier marine life and we a thrilled to be a part of the solution to affecting positive environmental change."

How does it work you might ask? Put simply,  the Seabin moves up and down with the tide collecting all floating rubbish, holding up to 20kgs of debris when full. The estimated average catch is 1.5kgs per day, including microplastics down to 2mm small. This equals a whopping half a ton of rubbish per year! The running cost is $1 per day and is adaptable to run on solar power.

The idea was based on the thinking, 'if there are rubbish bins on land, why not in the water?' Over time, the scope of the project evolved into a comprehensive research, technology, and educational initiative with global interest and reach.

The world’s marinas, ports and yacht clubs are the perfect place to start helping clean our oceans. With no huge open ocean swells or storms inside the marinas, these relatively controlled environments provide the perfect locations for Seabin installations.

"The problem of ocean litter is one that will have to be dealt with for generations to come and therefore, we need to provide the knowledge to the decision-makers of the future, our children. Together we have the power to fight this global issue and make a difference," Mr Howarth said.