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Peppermint Ollie

Story: Donna Roberts
Apr 08, 2020
Peppermint Ollie
A love of peppermint tea and a nickname created Olivia Week’s stage name: Peppermint

The singer-songwriter, Olivia, whose dad lives locally on an old yacht named Tango II, has performed gigs all around Brisbane for five years.

“I’ve been playing all over Brisbane and across the coast since early 2015.”

Olivia not only performs her tunes to live audiences, but also to online audiences around the world with her YouTube channel boasting over 30 thousand subscribers.

“Performing is such an amazing way to connect with people,” Olivia said.

“Nothing makes me happier than seeing people laugh at my lyrics, or come up to me after a show and tell me that something in the music really resonated with them.

“There’s nothing better!”

Olivia released her debut EP ‘Difficult’ in 2017 as well as two singles - Fairy Bread and Once a Day - in 2019.

Her music was recorded locally, at Lush Recording Studios in Clontarf.

“I feel most inspired creatively when I’m near the water, so Redcliffe has been a big part of that for me,” Olivia said.

She describes her intriguing style as ‘playful’ and ‘comedic’.

“I’m a singer-songwriter whose music reflects on the darker trials of life with a playfulness and comedic flair,” Olivia said.

“My greatest success in my career so far would probably be writing music to help children for CBBC’s television show, LifeBabble.”

“Combining my passion of music and creativity with helping kids better understand their feelings was an incredible opportunity.”

If you’re seeing Olivia live, expect to be stuck with an earworm.

“Crowds should expect a charismatic performance with witty lyrics and catchy melodies that will be in their heads long after the show is over,” Olivia said.

“I love performing at festivals, and the energy at Moreton Bay events are always so amazing!

“I’ve played at both KiteFest and Welcome to the Whales events in the past, and they were such fun events.”

Find Olivia’s tunes on Spotify or Apple Music, or via her YouTube channel ‘PeppermintOllie’.