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Piano Wizard

Story: Redcliffe Guide | Photo: Nadia Chapman
Apr 08, 2020
Piano Wizard

ith 50 years of musical knowledge under his belt, Andrew Farrell truly embodies the Australian Piano Wizard, with his boogie-woogie piano playing style.

When asked, Andrew said, “I have never played in or around Redcliffe, but, I love to perform in new places all the time and meet new people. I am always seeking out new festivals, venues and towns.”

As someone who started playing the piano at age five, Andrew quickly became mesmerised by the unique sound.

“My parents asked me if I would like to learn the piano and so it all began. After finishing my piano study for seven years, I had already started playing all sorts of music that I heard from my family,” Andrew said.

At 16, he began to study classical music, while experimenting with boogie-woogie and a variety of other musical styles.

“There was always music being played on the stereo in our house, and you had to take it in turns to play your favourite records — so I would usually listen to boogie-woogie, jazz, R&R, and classical,” Andrew said.

After developing a fast-paced playing style without losing accuracy, Andrew decided to start playing gigs in bars and clubs as a solo pianist.

Alongside recording 21 CDs and touring around Australia and New Zealand, one of Andrew’s most memorable moments as a pianist was when he met and performed with the Godfather of Australian blues, Dutch Tilders.

“I performed many shows with him towards the end of his life in Australia and New Zealand, and we created a great bond together,” Andrew said.

“Another great moment was to meet and perform with the world-famous concert pianist, David Helfgott, at the Bellingen Music Festival.”

Despite his success, Andrew still believes that being able to do what he loves for a living is the true achievement — as he loves to connect with his audience and take them on a magical music journey.

Andrew Farrell was set to bring boogie-woogie to Redcliffe in April at the Jumping Goats Bar, but at the time of going to print, it is uncertain this will still go ahead pending government restrictions.

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