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   Sandgate Hearing
Ph: 3603 1370 | 8 Nash Street, Sandgate • Test • Aids Fitting/Repairing • Lyric
 loss stop you from enjoying life with
Testing- Hearing Aid- Tinnitus-Earwax Management
We provide continuality in delivering hearing services. You will see the same clinical staff every
time. Consistency in treatment options and device setting adjustments ensure the best hearing outcomes.
Over 20 years experiences in clinical audiology. We can handle challenging cases due to our
wide variety of experiences.
Client-focused service. Our clinic is a hearing service only, not allied with other health services such as dental or optical. Our business is built on clients’ recommendations and doctors’ referrals. You can expect to smile at the end of each visit.
Our Differences:
ends ... or stop you from watching hows ... or perhaps even from talking
The diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss
treated hearing loss can lead to
is a science. We perform more hearing tests in quiet lation making everyday living
and in noisy environments to understand why you cannot
hear well. We perform more tests to ensure the hearing aid sounds clear and sharp.
ring loss is just a natural part of
ly believe it’s something we have to
Not all hearing aids are the same.
ate Hearing can help you. They are
We understand each brand’s strengths and weaknesses
here to help.
and which one suits you the best.
is operated and owned by Ronnie
We stay independent. Being an independent lified audiologist with 17 years
business means we are not limited to certain brands.
ll work with you to improve your
Therefore we can get you the best possible device to help
tain your independence. Once
you to hear better.
termined, the right technology and
atched specifically to you getting you
 unicating and enjoying life again.
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a mobile phone app allowing yo
Very Professional
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& Caring...
aids nd
er of
es one
re u
I’m so happy!
  The best hearing aids I’ve ever had...
I’ve had hearing aids before but I’m
aring on 3603 1370. Free services
much happier with the aids Ronnie rovidpreovdidfeodrmae.llHpe’es nvesriyopnroeferssiaonadl, DV opcaeringinagndhdeotauilresd.MI’movnedryahaypptoy wSiathtur
Ronnie and the after care services that he’s providing.
Rob Fritz, Sandgate
My friend recommended me to andSandgate Hearing as I could not hear.
A Now I can, I’m very thankful day. to Ronnie Lam at
Sandgate Hearing.
Jean Rodgers, Brighton QLD
These are the best hearing aids I’ve ever had, I’m very happy with everything – the process and the results. Sandgate Hearing is local and near my place, everyone is very pleasant and easy to talk to, I really liked that.
Ian Meikle, Bracken Ridge
 • The Commonwealth Hearing Service Program • Paediatric hearing assessment
• Workcover, NDIS hearing assessment
• Central Auditory Processing Test • Micro-suction earwax removal
• Tinnitus consultation
• Custom musician earplug
• Custom industrial noise plug
• Custom swim, surfer & snore earplug
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