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my driving school moreton bay region

Affordable, Quality, Comprehensive Driving lessons Servicing from Caboolture to Redcliffe to Eatons Hills areas and more.


At My Driving School- Moreton Bay Region,  you can rest assured that you will get value for money.

Our Driving lessons provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to be a proficient driver in the most time-efficient manner.

We are a family run, locally built business with a strong focus on customer service. We offer so much more than an instructor. At My Driving School- Moreton Bay Region, you will be partnered with a friend who will tailor a learning program especially for you. Delivered with patience, empathy and professionalism. We specialise in teaching students with high anxiety, Asperger’s and autism, understanding their needs and providing a comfortable learning environment.

You will learn appropriate and safe vehicle operation, hazard recognition and perception development, safe driving behavior instruction, defensive driving techniques, observation and scanning techniques, developing deeper thinking and logical reasoning and instilling good driving habits. Be prepared for your test, we are test specialists, mock testing can be arranged.


Drive safe! & Be prepared.

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Address 24 kate st, Woody point, QLD, Australia, 4019
Phone 0424144561
Mobile 0424144561
Business Hours my driving school- moreton bay region